One afternoon I noticed heaps of used cooking oil behind a friend's restaurant. I thought of Tyler Durden, Project Mayhem, and the movie Fight Club. A personal favorite. FAT + LYE = SOAP. I had plenty of fat. So combining my cooking experience and taste of lavish skin products I made my first bar of soap.

Whitechapel Soap Co was born. 

After 20 years of cooking professionally I was in search of an additional creative outlet. Years of experience sourcing ingredients in the kitchen led me to the finest natural and sustainable oils. Batch by batch I began to perfect my recipe. Each bar of soap is hand crafted myself using the cold process soap method in Los Angeles, California.  As I have pleased diners palates over the years with my cooking, I would now like to please your skin with Whitechapel Soap.

Crafted by Jared Simons in Los Angeles, CA